Selling takes time, effort and resources, and, even with all your hard work, you can never be sure whether you are going to close a deal. There may be times when your prospect chooses a competitor even though you met their expectations and requirements. While there is still no exact method of knowing if you will win a bid, there are some warning signals that you need to watch out for:

4 Warning Signs That Indicate You Are Losing the Sale | TinderBox1. INDIFFERENCE: If your client seems indifferent, unenthusiastic, or disinterested, chances are he probably is. If your prospect has not rejected you, but is not digging deeper either and asking questions or talking about their concerns, be alert. They may have already made their decision and are meeting you ‘just to be polite.”

2. LACK OF URGENCY: No one enjoys deadlines, but in the case of sales, deadlines signify that your sales process is moving forward. Talk to your prospect about the timeframe of the project, and offer incentives and discounts for choosing your company. If your prospect lacks a sense of urgency and does not seem to have a deadline on the horizon, then you are wasting your time.

3. YOUR PROSPECT IS NOT MEETING YOU: An in-person meeting is necessary in any sales process. This is one of the first steps towards understanding your prospect’s pain and figuring out how to solve their problems. If your prospect merely asks for a proposal without meeting you first, then he is probably just comparing price quotes.

4. YOU ARE NOT COMMUNICATING WITH THE DEAL MAKERS: In the initial stages of the sales process, you are likely to be dealing with junior executives. However, if you still do not get a chance to meet with the real decision-makers after a few interactions, this could be a sign that the prospect is stalling and not looking to take the deal further.

Before taking the effort to gather information, research, create and send out a proposal, make sure that your prospect is equally committed to the process. Instead of wasting precious time on stallers, you could be engaging with prospects who will generate real sales.